So one of my kosher exceptions (for now) is that I order delivery from non-kosher restaurants so long as the meal I’m ordering could conceivably be kosher: pizza with only cheese and vegetables, or shawarma/donair, etc.  One of the places I usually order from makes a low-rent Caesar salad with only lettuce and croutons.  Perfect.  Last night I bought some stuff (because TIRED and HUMIDITY), including a salad, which I put in the fridge for later.  Oh, the joys of having something saved for later that I didn’t cook myself.  It is a sweet secret to hold to one’s bosom.  I didn’t even open the box.

I just opened it.  Bacon bits.

I suppose the silver lining is that I have never, ever liked bacon bits so this is only a disappointment, not a temptation to fall off the wagon.  Even before I started going kosher I would have made a face and tried to flick them off the salad, but now I have to throw the whole thing out.  And my jonesing for garlicky lettuce will have to wait for later.

Lesson: always, always, always specify with Caesar salad.  Or move to a place with kosher restaurants.  Or don’t be lazy like me and make your own salad.


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